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...most private parts of the mountains, surrounded with virgin nature ... Bulgarian Monasteries ~ Senior Escorted Monastery Tours ... ... . The story of each monastery is quite intriguing and full of heroic moments - Rila monastery, Bachkovo monastery, Troyan monastery, Batoshevo monastery, Aladzha monastery, Dryanovo monastery, Kapinovo monastery, Glozhen monastery. Bulgarian Monasteries TOURS The most famed Bulgarian Monasteries - jealous guards of Bulgaria's national culture, are the highlight of our guided cultural tours. Nestled in the most beautiful parts of the mountains, between vi ... Bulgarian Monasteries - discover the monasteries of ... ... . Nestled in the most beautiful parts of the mountains, between virgin scenery, each monastery has its own unique and impressive story. Bulgaria - Ancient times, Monasteries and Culture (8 days) 0. Enjoy a fabulous 8-day cultural trip and all its advantages and benefits of the small group tour. This is a classical journey through all major captivating sites of Bulgaria. Centuries will pass in front of your eyes while exploring museum-villages, ancient monasteries, tombs ... Bulgarian monasteries are real center of spirituality, faith, culture and solid relationship with our history and the Bulgarian soul. Beside that, most of the monasteries in Bulgaria are located in quite beautiful places. Therefore, visiting each of them combines both a lovely walk and a touch to the history. The Bulgarian monastery ,,St. George Zograph" appeared in the 10th c. It has a unique role in the development of Bulgarian culture. Old Bulgarian literature was also created in other monasteries of Athos among which special place is attributed to the Great Monastery of ,,St. Atanasius" and the Hilendar monastery. Dozens of Bulgarian ... Some of them are still acting and in the yards one can meet real monks like 500 or more years ago. Monastic scriptoria and libraries set the beginning of Bulgarian culture and preserved Bulgarian nationality, especially during the five dark ages of Ottoman rule. Books were written in the monasteries in the Bulgarian language, the same ... From the very start, monasteries have gained great importance as centres of the Bulgarian literature and culture and have preserved the nation's values during difficult times. Some of the monasteries, which date back to Byzantine times, have played a key role in keeping up the Bulgarians' spirit and self-consciousness during 5 centuries of ... We have visited many Bulgarian monasteries and we will continue to explore them, because each of them is unique, makes us feel strong relation with the spiritual, and the most of them have reach history. Traditionally, at the end of each year, I do a review of the monasteries we passed. Here are the Bulgarian monasteries we visited in the past 2017. Bulgarian Monasteries 1986. Topics Monastery Culture, Medieval Bulgarian Architecture and Pictorial Art, Mt. Athos and National Revival Collection folkscanomy_architecture; folkscanomy; additional_collections. Author: Union of Bulgarian Artists Tourist Promotion and Publicity Centre, Sofia, 1986, 48 pp....