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DESPERATION. (Stephen King)

ISBN: 9781444707830
АВТОР: Stephen King

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Welcome to Desperation. Once a thriving copper mining town in the middle of the Nevada desert, Desperation is now eerily abandoned. It's the last place that travellers like the Carver family, bound for vacation, and writer Johnny Marinville, astride his Harley, would expect to be stopped and charged. But Desperation still has a local cop -- a unique regulator who patrols the wilderness highway. The secrets buried in Desperation are as terrifying as the forces summoned to encounter them. A terrifying transformation is taking place and the travellers will soon discover the true meaning of desperation ...

...ore than sixty books, all of them worldwide bestsellers ... Desperation - Stephen King - Libro - Sperling & Kupfer ... ... . His recent work includes The Institute, Elevation, The Outsider, Sleeping Beauties (cowritten with his son Owen King), and the Bill Hodges trilogy: End of Watch, Finders Keepers, and Mr. Mercedes (an Edgar Award winner for Best Novel and an AT&T Audience Network original television series). Verfilmung und Vertonung. 2006 wurde Desperation von Regisseur Mick Garris als TV-Film umgesetzt.; Kathy Bates liest eine gekürzte Hörbuch-Version, d ... Desperation: Stephen King, Kathy Bates: 9780140863185 ... ... .; Kathy Bates liest eine gekürzte Hörbuch-Version, die mittlerweile in zwei Ausgaben erschienen ist (siehe hier).; 2016 wurde eine von King selbst vorgetragene, ungekürzte Fassung veröffentlicht.; Für Sehbehinderte ist der Roman als DAISY-Hörbuch verfügbar, gehört aber auf dem freien Markt ... Desperation è un libro di Stephen King pubblicato da Sperling & Kupfer nella collana Narrativa: acquista su IBS a 16.63€! DESPERATION. (Stephen King) ⚫ от Stephen King 【Hodder & Stoughton】 9781444707830 Купете онлайн или на ☎0800 1 25 25 Онлайн книжарница Сиела In seinem neuen Roman Desperation zeigt sich Stephen King von seiner besten Seite, so wie ihn die Fans lieben -- es gibt Horror pur.. In Nevada, auf der US 50, dem einsamsten Highway Amerikas, fährt Familie Carver in ihrem Wohnmobil mit dem Namen "Die vier fröhlichen Wanderer" unbekümmert durchs Land, bis mehrere platte Reifen sie am Fortkommen hindern. Desperation (orig. Stephen King's Desperation) ist ein US-amerikanischer Horrorfilm aus dem Jahr 2006 und basiert auf dem gleichnamigen Roman von Stephen King. Handlung. Der geplante Familienurlaub zum Lake Tahoe wird für die Familie Carver zu einem wahren Horrortrip, als sie auf ... Desperation is another super exciting horror fiction by Stephen King. The narration of this novel is done by Stephen King himself. This shows his love and all-round abilities that makes him even more special within his fraternity. Desperation is a small mining town in Nevada near the Desatoya Mountains. Desperation is home to the China Pit mine and Tak's gateway to Keystone Earth. The town is modeled after Ruth, Nevada. Stephen King was inspired to write Desperation as a result of a cross-country drive in 1991, during which he visited the small desert community of Ruth, Nevada, near U.S. 50. His first thought was that ... Desperation by Stephen King. Limited gift deluxe edition that is slipcased. Limited to 4,000 copies. Sealed. As new without any flaws. Located off a desolate stretch of Interstate 50, Desperation, Nevada has few connections with the rest of the world. It is a place, though, where the seams between worlds are thin. The first collection of stories Stephen King has published since Nightmares & Dreamscapes nine years ago, Everything's Eventual includes one O. Henry Prize winner, two other award winners, four stories published by The New Yorker, and "Riding the Bullet", King's original e-book, which attracted over half a million online readers and became the ......